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Putting pictures online is not much fun if other people don't see or comment on them. So please use our guestbook to let us know your thoughts and opinions.

If you wish to exhibit your photographs here as well, don't hesitate to get in touch with Likewise, feel free to if you'd like to obtain a high-resolution version of an image (and don't forget to clearly state the image, your intended purpose and the required image quality). In case of requests about guest exhibits in the gallery, you can also contact the individual photographer through the email address provided at the bottom of the respective gallery.

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As web hosting and photography costs money (as well as time, but that part we enjoy), we're currently looking for sponsors and partners (e.g., digital imaging services which allow visitors to directly order prints of their favourite images). If you are interested in supporting or contributing to this site, please contact


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Notes: This site is always under construction and images are rotated on a regular basis. Additional photographs (e.g., a daily image) are available in the galleries of hn's personal pages. If interested in hn's work, family, or life, you might want to visit some of these other sites:
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